Happy Halloween!

Good Day Stars & Happy Halloween!

This post is a personal one. I want to share with you all a very fun experience that I had this past weekend 🙂

Over the weekend, I enjoyed some Halloween festivities with my family. A few people told me that I should dress up as Michonne from the Walking Dead TV series – I gave it a try. My husband was Glenn. So many of his friends jokingly said that he should have cut his facial hair and that he was too “dark” but nonetheless, I think we got somewhat close. In costumes we went to a haunted house, dinner and trick-or-treating along with our two little guys dressed up as ninjas.

I was really surprised to have people ask for my autograph and to take pictures with me! While trick-or-treating with the kids in a local mall yesterday, many people whispered and pointed when I walked by saying things like “I gotta get this for my snap chat.” I have to be honest, I’ve never watched the show so all of this was very surprising to me. Keep scrolling for pictures.

Glenn + Michonne


How do you think we did?

Very Truly Yours,


Fit Friday Post: Cardio

Hello Stars! ♦

Today is Fit Friday!
What will you do today to increase/maintain your level of fitness??

No exercise or activity is too small, it all counts!

Today, I challenge you to work your heart muscle (Yes! it is a muscle). I know you work your heart by loving others, but I’m talking about cardio!  Any activity that causes your heart rate to increase can be called cardio. Cardio does not = running. While running is good for your heart, it is not the only way to get cardio into your routine. Personally, I am not a runner. My personal cardio favorites are dancing (to Beyonce lol) and Boxing. I also bike ride when it’s warm and I chase my kids at the park. What do you do for cardio? I’ve listed some more examples below…..Together, let’s aim for 20 minutes, or more, TODAY. Just go for it! Put that heart to work!

  • Take the stairs!
  • Park far….& walk (or jog)
  • Set a timer and jump rope for 5 minutes
  • Shadow box
  • Get on a piece of equipment at the gym


Great Job, Keep up the good work!

You’re glowing!


Your {free} personal trainer,



Key Words 

Cardio: Cardiovascular exercise; any exercise that raises your heart rate.

Heart RateThe number of heartbeats per unit of time, usually per minute. The heart rate is based on the number of contractions of the ventricles (the lower chambers of the heart).


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Happy Fit Friday

It’s Wellness Wednesday! …Sleep!

It’s Wellness Wednesday! Let’s talk about SLEEP!

Sleep is essential.

No one can avoid it (unless you are a zombie) and if you want to live well, good sleep is a necessity.You may have heard that 8 hours is the ideal amount of time, but I’m sure you know from experience that exact number isn’t for everyone.  You may only need 6-7 hours of sleep and others may need 9.

Did you know that when you are sleep deprived, your body craves starchy junk food!? Or that lack of sleep can disrupt your hormones and metabolism!? Sleep deficiency increases your risk for obesity and affects how your body reacts to insulin. This is why any good trainer will tell you to make sure you sleep. Lack of sleep also affects healthy brain function and your overall emotional well-being.

Think of sleep as your body’s “repair time.”

While you are sleeping…{ZZzzzzzzz} your heart and blood vessels are healing and repairing themselves, among other things. Try turning off electronics at least 30 minutes before bed and make sure your room is dark and at a good temperature. If you have trouble sleeping, try reading a book or drinking some chamomile or Sleepytime tea before you head to sleepy town. ♥

How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Let me know in the comments.

Sleep well to wake up with a morning glow!




Very Truly Yours,


Last Weeks WW post: SB’s 1st ‘Wellness Wednesday’ Post!

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Dear Stars,

Thank you so much for the support so far and I hope you will continue to take the Soulance Wellness journey with me.

The post today will be a personal one… ♥

I am a newlywed. Not only does this mean I have an AWESOME husband, but I also have gained awesome “step-kids” (though I’m not a fan of that word because I treat them as I would my own) and some cool in-laws. Also, I don’t think it matters at all but I am in an interracial marriage. The only reason I even mentioned aloud that my marriage is “interracial,” is because getting to know my in-laws has been a very colorful and dynamic process (and it’s ongoing). My Mother/Father in-law are immigrants to the USA and English is their second language. They were born and raised in Cambodia. My husband was raised speaking the Khmer language and also Buddhist. His family is rich in culture and cultural practices – all of which are completely new and foreign to me. I was raised 100% Christian American speaking only English. Talking with my new parents is not easy, as I don’t know any Khmer and their English is far from perfect. Nonetheless, we are still building our relationship and our actions towards each other actually speak way more that our words ever could.

Why am I (a very private person) telling you all of this?


We are all raised in different ways. There are many languages and religions, but one tiny thing is universal:


Family can be blood related, your spouse and in-laws, or ANYONE you want it to be! I consider my best friends my family. That’s the beauty of family. It doesn’t matter where you are from, your color or what religion you practice, love is an universal language. Anyone can feel the richness of love and family, if you give yourself the freedom to love yourself and be open to the love of others.

Give it a try.

I never said that love or family will be perfect, but that is why LOVE is a daily choice.

I choose to love – What about you?

Very Truly Yours,



#FeelingTheSoulanceGLOW #loveGLOW #keepShinning

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-A sneak peak of our parasailing adventure in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. Hang Loose.

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Happy Fit Friday!!

Hello Stars! ♦

Today is Fit Friday!
What will you do today to increase/maintain your level of fitness??

No exercise or activity is too small, it all counts!

Today, I challenge you to try as many of the exercises listed below that you can. Even 1 exercise and better than 0. Just go for it!

  • 20 Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Push-Ups (Please modify as needed)
  • 10 Crunches
  • 10 Squats
  • (Repeat 3 times if you can!)

Great Job, Keep up the good work!

You’re glowing!

Your{free}personal trainer,

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SB’s 1st ‘Wellness Wednesday’ Post!

Good Day Stars!!

Today (& every Wednesday) is WELLNESS WEDNESDAY!

For SB’s first official Wellness Wednesday, I want to define what “Wellness” is.

Wellness is a hot/popular word these days and I see it used a lot by companies to sell products. I believe everyone should understand wellness to truly live a full life. Living well is much different than being “healthy.” You’re healthy when you don’t have an illness, but anyone and everyone can make daily choices to LIVE WELL (whether temporarily sick or you have a chronic/long-term disease). Yes, you can have the flu or even diabetes and still live well!


Wellness: A state of being where all of the following components are in balance –


Now, take a few moments and do a self-check.

Ask yourself how you are doing in these areas and think of small ways to improve in each one….. and you’re on your way to living well! Please understand that some days you will be doing better in some areas and THAT IS OKAY! The key is to aim for BALANCE and be mindful of each area.

How WELL are you currently?? Comment and let me know!

Keep glowing.



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Daily Prompt: Waiting…

via Daily Prompt: Waiting

Good Morning Soulance Stars!

The greatest part of happiness is knowing that you have the ability to choose it!

Life is full of daily surprises; whether you are running late to work, your child is sick, you stub your toe, money is low, your partner just did something annoying or you just wake up not feeling well…. surprises will always happen.

To develop consistent happiness you must transform your mind-set:

Make up your mind to CHOOSE happiness in every situation, not only when everything around you is going well. Because guess what? When your situation is looking perfect, it won’t be long before something else pops up! I challenge you to wait for those random surprises so that they don’t have the power to mess up your happiness!

A surprise is coming your way BUT you are ready for it!

Keep Shinning.


– @soulance.gina

♥ Increase your glow today by laughing to yourself when that “surprise” comes your way.♥




Hello Soulance Stars!

The blog word prompt for today is “urgent” and this is what came to my mind.

When will you start to take control of your peace vs. stress, so that you can live a fulfilling life EVERY single day!?? This is urgent. Your body and soul need you to take care of them so that they can take care of you too!

How do you take care of your body and soul? ♥
Below are 3 simple steps to start caring for your soul FIRST & everything else will follow.


1.) First thing in the morning, take a few seconds to release the stress of yesterday by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and saying “Yesterday has passed and today I will conquer! I’m always glowing!”


2.) Connect to your higher power (your God) and ask that your day be blessed and filled with positive energy.


3.) Actually TRY steps 1 & 2 and comment below to tell me how it affected your day!

Urgent: /’erjent/ -adj.(of a state or situation) requiring immediate action or attention. “The situation is far more urgent than politicians are admitting.”




Very Truly Yours,

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When recovering from Hurdles in life…. always remember.

{Say Aloud to yourself}

The time is now to enjoy life.
Love on those who have loved you.
Love back.
Be Free.
Be Confident.
Be adaptable.
It’s okay to take care of yourself.
It’s absolutely fine.
You ARE ABSOLUTELY fine the way you are.
Thank You.

{Take a deep breath and repeat}

— Go forth and CONQUER today! —



Soulance’s First blog post

You want to know WHY this blog was started and what it is REALLY about? What in the world is SOULANCE?! Keep readin’….

Obviously I love to write but more importantly I understand the power of both reading and writing. I have generalized and social anxiety BUT I love to encourage people. I am a cheerleader for anyone who needs cheering on! I am a gladiator and I want you to BE YOU. I want you to truly LIVE FREE.

Okay so, What’s the POINT of this blog?

To encourage you. To give YOU a place to click and FEED your soul & grow, versus people watching on social media (It’s so crazy how social media can encourage you talk about people!).  I want you to be you and take a step back from keeping up with the Jones’ a.k.a. social trends.

What in the world is SOULANCE™? Did you just make that up?
Yes. I made it up. It’s basically of a cousin of yoga, meditation, interpretive dance, and self reflection while exploring your sensuality. Sounds complicated? I promise it’s not.

Just give it a try. It will improve your mood, CONQUER your stress, build your esteem, promote healthy habits and overall GIVE YOU ‘THE GLOW.’ To get started and learn the basics of SOULANCE, subscribe to my YouTube channel and stop by this blog from time to time!

I see you glowing already!!
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Very Truly Yours,

– @soulance.gina


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