Soulance’s First blog post

You want to know WHY this blog was started and what it is REALLY about? What in the world is SOULANCE?! Keep readin’….

Obviously I love to write but more importantly I understand the power of both reading and writing. I have generalized and social anxiety BUT I love to encourage people. I am a cheerleader for anyone who needs cheering on! I am a gladiator and I want you to BE YOU. I want you to truly LIVE FREE.

Okay so, What’s the POINT of this blog?

To encourage you. To give YOU a place to click and FEED your soul & grow, versus people watching on social media (It’s so crazy how social media can encourage you talk about people!).  I want you to be you and take a step back from keeping up with the Jones’ a.k.a. social trends.

What in the world is SOULANCE™? Did you just make that up?
Yes. I made it up. It’s basically of a cousin of yoga, meditation, interpretive dance, and self reflection while exploring your sensuality. Sounds complicated? I promise it’s not.

Just give it a try. It will improve your mood, CONQUER your stress, build your esteem, promote healthy habits and overall GIVE YOU ‘THE GLOW.’ To get started and learn the basics of SOULANCE, subscribe to my YouTube channel and stop by this blog from time to time!

I see you glowing already!!
Click here to watch my YouTube debut –>


Very Truly Yours,

– @soulance.gina


Soulance™ is owned and operated by Uwellness, LLC

under the Urban Wellness Initiative™

It All Starts with You! UWellness, LLC


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15 thoughts on “Soulance’s First blog post

  1. Hi there! Thanks for the follow. So good to meet another encourager. Interesting concept, you have here. Soulance does sound complicated (Lol), but I appreciate your inventiveness. Grace and peace and all the best…


    Liked by 1 person

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