Daily Prompt: Waiting…

via Daily Prompt: Waiting

Good Morning Soulance Stars!

The greatest part of happiness is knowing that you have the ability to choose it!

Life is full of daily surprises; whether you are running late to work, your child is sick, you stub your toe, money is low, your partner just did something annoying or you just wake up not feeling well…. surprises will always happen.

To develop consistent happiness you must transform your mind-set:

Make up your mind to CHOOSE happiness in every situation, not only when everything around you is going well. Because guess what? When your situation is looking perfect, it won’t be long before something else pops up! I challenge you to wait for those random surprises so that they don’t have the power to mess up your happiness!

A surprise is coming your way BUT you are ready for it!

Keep Shinning.


– @soulance.gina

♥ Increase your glow today by laughing to yourself when that “surprise” comes your way.♥


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Waiting…

  1. Thanks for sharing and I agree that happiness is a choice for most. It takes practice and looking for the good in every situation/ person definitely helps! Thanks for the like on my blog – peace and blessings! 🙂

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