SB’s 1st ‘Wellness Wednesday’ Post!

Good Day Stars!!

Today (& every Wednesday) is WELLNESS WEDNESDAY!

For SB’s first official Wellness Wednesday, I want to define what “Wellness” is.

Wellness is a hot/popular word these days and I see it used a lot by companies to sell products. I believe everyone should understand wellness to truly live a full life. Living well is much different than being “healthy.” You’re healthy when you don’t have an illness, but anyone and everyone can make daily choices to LIVE WELL (whether temporarily sick or you have a chronic/long-term disease). Yes, you can have the flu or even diabetes and still live well!


Wellness: A state of being where all of the following components are in balance –


Now, take a few moments and do a self-check.

Ask yourself how you are doing in these areas and think of small ways to improve in each one….. and you’re on your way to living well! Please understand that some days you will be doing better in some areas and THAT IS OKAY! The key is to aim for BALANCE and be mindful of each area.

How WELL are you currently?? Comment and let me know!

Keep glowing.



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15 thoughts on “SB’s 1st ‘Wellness Wednesday’ Post!

  1. Just over the past week or two I have finally started on the path back to wellness I think. I have been in a very deep depression for 12 months now. I have been using a hypnosis app at night to go to sleep to that I think is starting to take hold. I started to do a little bit of exercise again, I started recording my.eating habits in my weight watchers app again for the first time in way more than a year and I started trying to stick to a vegetarian diet, something I have wanted to try for a while now due to my animal empathy. Hoping this will stick.

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    1. It will stick as long as you stay consistent and motivated…. its about mindset. Keep up the good work! If you ever need more advice, just let me know 🙂 Fitness and wellness is how I overcame a deep depression that lasted a little over 5 years.

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      1. Consistency and motivation is what I lack the most when it comes to health and fitness unfortunately, but usually have that in most other areas of my life. That’s why I’m hoping these hypnosis app modules will help me with that aspect so that I can keep up the long term part. I know they say all the time how much fitness can help depression. Fingers crossed! Thanks for the support!

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