Fit Friday Post: Cardio

Hello Stars! ♦

Today is Fit Friday!
What will you do today to increase/maintain your level of fitness??

No exercise or activity is too small, it all counts!

Today, I challenge you to work your heart muscle (Yes! it is a muscle). I know you work your heart by loving others, but I’m talking about cardio!  Any activity that causes your heart rate to increase can be called cardio. Cardio does not = running. While running is good for your heart, it is not the only way to get cardio into your routine. Personally, I am not a runner. My personal cardio favorites are dancing (to Beyonce lol) and Boxing. I also bike ride when it’s warm and I chase my kids at the park. What do you do for cardio? I’ve listed some more examples below…..Together, let’s aim for 20 minutes, or more, TODAY. Just go for it! Put that heart to work!

  • Take the stairs!
  • Park far….& walk (or jog)
  • Set a timer and jump rope for 5 minutes
  • Shadow box
  • Get on a piece of equipment at the gym


Great Job, Keep up the good work!

You’re glowing!


Your {free} personal trainer,



Key Words 

Cardio: Cardiovascular exercise; any exercise that raises your heart rate.

Heart RateThe number of heartbeats per unit of time, usually per minute. The heart rate is based on the number of contractions of the ventricles (the lower chambers of the heart).


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Happy Fit Friday

26 thoughts on “Fit Friday Post: Cardio

      1. Line dancing is more fun cause I don’t think of it as exercising I think of it as having fun and I love to dance, cha cha slide, boot skoot n boogy and achy breaky heart oh don’t forget shake it off lol

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  1. I love this meme! Right on! Even as a runner who focuses on fitness every day, reminding myself to take the opportunity to use the stairs at work requires a mental nudge. It is all about moving isn’t it?!


  2. “Keep calm and take the stairs” lol . Very true! It is amazing how much better a person can feel if they walk up a few flights of stairs as opposed to taking the elevator! When I was in school, I would park in the parking lot furthest away from campus – that way I could force myself to walk an extra mile each day, as opposed to parking on campus and walking only a block or so.

    When I go to the gym now, I am getting more into the “battle ropes”. They look easy until you start using them. Those are some seriousss cardio right there!

    Thanks for the great advice!

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    1. YW!
      I park far everyday at work as well, to make up for the days where I plan to workout but don’t lol. Yes! I wish there were battle ropes at my gym. I have only tried them once 😦 I’m jealous. Exercises like that are so much more fun than the treadmill.

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      1. I agree! They are like the best kept secret! I wish I had more space in the place I am living so I could dance. I am so self conscious that I typically just stick to the basic cardio routines at the gym to avoid judgement at the gym (I find that getting out of my own head is a huge barrier)

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      2. That is hard! I’m sure that is running through the minds of 90% of people at the gym and the main reason a lot of people by memberships that they don’t use. You are not alone! I go to the gym early just so I can dance on the treadmill! lol

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