Happy Halloween!

Good Day Stars & Happy Halloween!

This post is a personal one. I want to share with you all a very fun experience that I had this past weekend πŸ™‚

Over the weekend, I enjoyed some Halloween festivities with my family. A few people told me that I should dress upΒ as Michonne from the Walking Dead TV series – I gave it a try. My husband was Glenn. So many of his friends jokingly said that he should have cut his facial hair and that he was too “dark” but nonetheless, I think we got somewhat close. In costumes we went to a haunted house, dinner and trick-or-treating along with our two little guys dressed up as ninjas.

I was really surprised to have people ask for my autograph and to take pictures with me! While trick-or-treating with the kids in a local mall yesterday, many people whispered and pointed when I walked by saying things like “I gotta get this for my snap chat.” I have to be honest, I’ve never watched the show so all of this was very surprising to me. Keep scrolling for pictures.

Glenn + Michonne


How do you think we did?

Very Truly Yours,

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