What defines who you are?

Hello Stars!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and maybe even had a chance to hit the gym or fit some form of cardio into your weekend fun! Cleaning was my cardio this past weekend!

So yesterday, my best friend had a dedication ceremony for her 8-month old daughter that I didn’t attend. Why, you ask? I simply forgot. And it hurt me. Badly. This friend means a lot to me and the moment that I realized what I had done – I felt worthless. I felt unworthy of friendship. I felt like a failure as friend.  I couldn’t help but think: what have I been so busy with that I missed this important moment for her, her husband and their baby (her only child)? I was literally at home doing nothing waiting for my clothes to dry. The feeling of not being there to support the person that is always the first person in line to support me – I suddenly felt like I needed to re-examine my focus and to check myself. This may seem minor but this was huge to me.

I found myself taking a long hard look at myself.

These thoughts led to some deep self-reflection. I began to ponder questions such as: Am I selfish? Was this a genuine mistake, or a result of my current mindset? Am I the type of person that is too blinded by own life to be fully present in the lives of those closest to me? I eventually came full circle, accepted what I did, apologized and stopped shaming myself.

Yes, I should have been there but, that one event does not define our friendship.

It does not define me.

My character defines me. My love for others defines who I am. My determination and creativity defines me. My inability to give up defines me.

It’s your turn, in the comments, tell us what defines who YOU are?



Very Truly Yours,

– @soulance.gina

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35 thoughts on “What defines who you are?

  1. Mr Midnight, from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, says that “making mistakes” is quite a human thing and quite normal. If your “best friend” is really your “best friend” then she would understand without making an issue out of the situation because she KNOWS WHO YOU REALLY ARE.
    Sir Winston adds that he doesn´t think the 8 month old daughter would have noticed anyway. 🙂
    What defines myself? – my intuitive ability for the “larger picture” in life.
    Meow, purr purr and kind regards out of the magical Black Forest. 🙂

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  2. My ambition, generosity, patience, honor, loyalty and compassion is what defines the nucleus of my character. All of these attributes provide strength, confidence, and courage that makes me an unstoppable force.

    Always forgive yourself, because all of us sin and make mistakes every single day. If you aren’t happy with who you are, then forgiving others is impossible.


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      1. You will get there eventually. It’s a process of self-love and realization what will propel you towards that space.


      2. Self-love is the key to all personal breakthroughs, revelations and successful patterns. The more you learn about yourself, the easier life is to navigate through the pain and turmoil.


  3. Wow, reading this makes me feel like you and I are kindred spirits… I search deeply inside fir truthful answers as well. Even when things could not possibly be my fault, I still look inward to discover if I could have contributed to events, changes, mistakes, etc… and what my contributions might have been. You are totally not alone with that.

    My inner strength and determination defines me. My shortcomings, illness, inabilities, mistakes, and even successes do not define me at all… They are merely a result of actions I chose to make out if my inner strength. I strive to be kind as a guide in life but I know that if not for inner strength and determination, even kindness would be hard to accomplish.


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