Wellness Wednesday: Live Well!

Good Day Stars!

Happy Wellness Wednesday, I’m so glad you stopped by this blog today!

I have something very special for you.

I want to share with you all a very important tool that I personally use to stay balanced in my personal life as a wife/mother with a full time job and owner of two small businesses. I am the first in my family to obtain a college degree and the first to become financially stable. I have a huge family that always needs me; can you see where I’m going with this? Basically, you can achieve ANYTHING you want to achieve and your only true barrier is yourself. Yes, life throws us all curve balls that are out of our control, but we can make consistently make good choices that can keep us headed in the right direction.

Your financial situation cannot stop you. Your family cannot stop you. Your race or gender cannot stop you. Your mental or physical condition cannot stop you. Your government cannot stop you.

You are unstoppable.

Yes, you are unstoppable.

If you’re reading this and you a WordPress blogger, you are already headed in the right direction because you choose to consistently write – that’s not average. You are above average.

I have created a worksheet for you that mirrors the systematic way I stay balanced and well.

You can download it by clicking here: The Live Well Worksheet.

I use this worksheet very often as a “self-check” to keep me on the right path and to make sure I live a full life without regrets. I hope you will download this sheet and try it out for yourself. Maybe you can print a few copies so that you can start a new sheet each month? Or even every day or once a week?

It has been readily proven that having and writing goals will keep you on track for success.

Always remember that you’re unstoppable.


Very Truly Yours,

– @Soulance.Gina

#KeepGlowing #SoulanceGlow

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27 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: Live Well!

  1. So glad I looked at this write up today… Indeed, most of the time, it’s our mindsets rather than our abilities that deters us from unlocking our true potential…. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story.

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  2. Great advice! Thank you! I agree that it is important to have a balance. I am a bit worried not that I am going to be working again soon how I will be able to have some equilibrium. Will definitely give this a try!


    1. With new changes in life (work, new responsibilities, moving, etc.) it takes time to transition to a place where you can find a good equilibrium again. Getting married has created a change/shift in my habits so I have to adjust accordingly. That worksheet is a way to put it all out there for yourself. As long as you’re open and adaptable, you’ll be fine 🙂

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