Burn Calories Anywhere With This…

Hey Stars,

It’s fit Friday!

Today’s post will give you tips and information for an exercise that you can do almost anywhere without spending much. Almost anyone can do it… just jump!

1. Burn a lot of calories…fast.
2. Inexpensive with little skill needed.
3. Jumping releases endorphins {the happy transmitters in your brain}.
4. Good form of cardio!
5. It’s a total body workout that also improves your posture.


Let’s Get Jumping!
#GetGlowing #GlowDaily #SoulanceGlow

Very Truly Yours,
– @soulance.gina

30 thoughts on “Burn Calories Anywhere With This…

  1. Great idea! It is also so fun! But I recommend to be careful of the surface you are executing because it can be a very good exercise but a dangerous for knees and ankles as well if the surface is hard.
    Thanks for reminding this type of exercise though!


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