I’m so Nervous to Share This!

Good Morning Stars & Happy Monday! โ™ฅ

Although this page is dedicated to Self-Care & Wellness, every so often I would like to share a Vlog with you all. My life is a very colorful one so I hope you enjoy the content. I am a newbie to vlogging, so if you do have any feedback or questions please let me know!

Two new vlogs were posted this past weekend, watch them Here.

Be on the look out for new content every week, so you might as well subscribe to my channel. Thanks in advance for watching!

Until Next Time….. #KeepGlowing

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Very Truly Yours,
– @Soulance.Gina

42 thoughts on “I’m so Nervous to Share This!

      1. I’m a very reserved and private person. Learning how to open up and share my personal experiences through my writing has definitely been liberating. I believe the more personal it is, the better it becomes. Viewers are captivated by personal stories that they can relate to. As long as you aren’t implicating another person in a negative light, then tell the world.

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      2. I’m also a very private person (&introvert) as well, so this is HUGE jump for me. I actually initially uploaded these vlogs to only share with friends/family members because I am so MIA in real life lol You’re so right, I agree that people love personal experiences so my intention is to not have my blog + vlog solely “information loaded.” Thanks so much for the feedback friend!

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      3. We have a lot in common. I have the lowest profile in the country, so I’m not really in the mix like most. The best copy and visuals is always extremely personal. The more we can share with the world that an average person can relate to is crucial. Transparency is easy for people who live the truth, but deciphering what to share is immensely difficult. You’re welcome, queen! Anytime you feel like discussing anything, I’ll be here.


      4. Yeah, it’s definitely a new challenge we will both face. Try not to film too much and overthink it. Let the words come out naturally so your story has the greatest impact it possibly can.


      5. Scotian Breeze YouTube channel coming early in 2017. It will be about literature, cuisine, motivation, and lifestyle. Stay tuned for greatness!


    1. lol Thanks so much! I’m kind of on the fence with the “level” of sharing I will do in the future. Between my family and my in-laws oh man! I’m either in “Urbania” or Cambodia depending on the day and I don’t want either side feeling too exposed. I’m excited about my newly found hobby though ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Nice!

        I thought you shared the right amount in the video – where it was just enough to get a taste of who you “are” but it didn’t tip into being avalanched with awkward information. It was evident you cut some parts, and you said you was not televising others, so that was good.

        I am sure you know this, but I will say it just in case. Maybe a good metric is: share only the information you can defend later on in life. A lot of employers dig into their employees social media accounts … so that is something to keep in mind. Especially because you are a black woman … you got two strikes against you already, unfortunately. They looking for reasons to get rid of you anyway. I know that makes for a slightly more timid vlog, but for your protection, I would say share only the information that is not enough to get you in trouble. And of course, never share anything that talks about/shows anything illegal … as it can be used against you in court, etc.

        Just some thoughts =D happy vlogging! will be checking in soon!


      2. Thanks for that! I need more honest and straight forward feedback BEFORE I post something online that (for the most part) can’t be retracted. I almost cut the part where I called my sister “Joanne the scammer” but it was a joke lol I see what you’re saying and never thought about the employee thing. That’s an area where I really struggle because in the work place I have to use my “American” manners and even tone of voice – if you know what I mean lol

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      3. …a follow up thought as well: I also think that it would be a good idea to make sure everyone you are capturing on video (i.e. friends, family, etc) has given you some type of verbal consent to be filmed and knows what is going to happen with the footage. But sometimes, in the middle of conversation, people somewhat withdraw that consent and then give it back — I think your sister did that, because she would say “don’t put this out there”. I think in that situation, it may be a good idea to cut any footage the person said they didn’t want out there, as there could be good reason they don’t want strangers viewing it. It can be kind of violate-y if the people in the video are saying “don’t film me” and I am watching the video anyway. I feel like I am spying on them. So it may be a good idea to cut the people/footage out when they say so. That way … you are honoring the wishes of your loved ones and they are more likely to continue to do videos with you because you keep it 100 and cut what they tell you to cut. You know what I’m saying? You did a great job, that would be the only thing I would say try to improve upon for next time! =D


      4. Good advice and I agree completely ๐Ÿ™‚ I told them that I started a vlog and will be recording. I did have them view the video first before I made it public but I see what you’re saying.

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