Planning to lose weight this year?

Good Day Stars!!

As I revealed in my last post, a big goal of mine this year is to lose weight (around 20-30lbs specifically). My Current weight is 194lbs and a healthy weight for my height and body type (pear shaped “athletic”) is 155-165lbs.

Healthy weight loss is no more 2lbs a week, but I personally believe .5-1lb a week is ideal. Losing weight quickly can be tough on the body and most importantly: nearly impossible to maintain long term. For this reason, I plan to lose my extra weight over a 6-9month period.

Quick fixes often lead to more issues long term.

With that said, I want to share with you all a tool that I am using to help me stay on track for the entire year. This tool is very important to me, and can be for you as well. The chart that I created can be downloaded here: annual-fit-tracker-pdf

As seen in the picture above, this chart is visible in a place that I visit every single day: my work space. I challenge you to download and print the chart to track your progress this year. It is scientifically PROVEN, that getting goals on paper and documenting progress increases your chance of success plus it keeps you motivated along the way.


As a gift to you, I am willing to mail you this chart along with goal setting worksheets to anyone for FREE. Yes, free. Just click the contact tab above and ask me. I’m a small blogger so I’m able to do this now but realistically this will not be available in the future for FREE buttttt for you guys it is ;).


Until Next Time……. Keep Glowing!
#GlowDaily #SoulanceGlow


Very Truly Yours,


18 thoughts on “Planning to lose weight this year?

  1. I’ve also gained a few pounds these past few months but I’m still in the normal range for my height; I was became underweight last year and it’s a good thing that I have a normal BMI now.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing to us your ideas. I will surely try to print a health/fit tracker as well! 🙂

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  2. You are so right about needing to take weight loss slowly. When I first started, I was into the fad diets. I went out and bought a juicier – so that I could do a straight diet cleanse. So instead of having solid food, I had fruits and veggies in juice form. I lost a lot of weight fast, but my body was in starvation mode. As a result, I fell off the wagon quicker and started binge eating. It was impossible to maintain long term. I agree: two pounds per week at most.

    You’re gonna do great and I look forward to hearing about your progress!

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