Do you Love your Body?

Good Day Stars!

As a trainer, people often ask me how to get a flat stomach, hips like Beyonce’ and a butt like Jennifer Lopez (let’s clear this up = IMPOSSIBLE unless you have the $$$ & the ideal surgeon, only then you may get somewhat close). There are so many women that strongly desire to have a sized 2-6 hourglass body with a moderately sized round butt with “high-set” perky boobs. Some are literally spending their entire savings and hard earned income to pay for surgeries to try to achieve these looks. Please note: I am not against anyone who chooses this. But have you ever asked yourself WHY so many women go after body-types and certain trendy beauty aesthetics at the expense of their health?

Maybe you know the most obvious answers and the most obvious culprit: Media.

Social media has only amplified the obsession. The current fastest way to fame (and fortune) for a woman is to post highly made-up and sexualized images on Instagram. Women can literally become famous and have brands contact them for sponsorship.

It was once the trend to get rid of your hips and butt, but today’s trends are the exact opposite! The more hips and butt, the better!

What would happen if every woman decided to accept their body? I mean truly accept it? Not drooling after another woman’s features (I’m sure everyone has an insecurity or two but that shouldn’t stop self-love). The fact is: every body is different and that is a beautiful thing, more people just need to be willing to accept it.

Love Yourself.

Take Care of Your Body.

Embrace your Uniqueness.


Until Next Time…… Keep Glowing!
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Very Truly Yours,

– @soulance.gina


What are your thoughts on this topic? Leave a comment and let’s chat! 🙂


47 thoughts on “Do you Love your Body?

  1. Couldn’t agree more! 5 minutes of flicking through a glossy magazine with AIRBRUSHED models crushes your self image. On the plus side, (no pun intended!) it motivates me to get to my goal – work hard, play hard, benefit from the results and love myself through the journey! 🙂
    Thanks for your continued awesome posts! LOVE THEM!

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    1. That is so true!
      It’s just a balancing act to train your mind not to make the “airbrushed” look a benchmark for success. When I was younger and got my first stretch mark, I was feeling some type of way! I thought beautiful women didn’t get them! LOL

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  2. The world would be a better place for it. The picture above reminds me of the Dove campaigns that promote loving your self as well as your body. The problem with plastic surgery is it’s usually used as an effort to feel better about yourself or to keep up with societal expectations of what a women’s body should look like. We were all created differently, uniquely and beautifully it’s important we embrace that fully or we will continue to spend tons of money trying to achieve happiness.

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  3. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Media outlets are definitely to blame for the obsession of a “perfect body and perfect everything.” It’s totally absurd to try to meet society needs because they are totally unreal. Great content!!

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      1. LOL! I do believe the “front camera” was the culprit in this perfection era too….Before it was so hard to take a picture of yourself because it was at the back of the phone. No more bathroom selfies like we once did during MySpace era lol

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  4. So much truth here. We all have our insecurities but being genuinely happy with yourself and accepting yourself shines through! my 2017 motto is about building each other up as women! Empowered women, empower women!

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  5. Health over beauty mi say. I don’t like my body but that’s on me, I need to find a way to do the right exercise to stay fit. Surgery was never was never an option. Why imma get a boob job when Hollister jeans and Timbs on sale. Girl, no. #ThatsSomeFirstWorldIsh

    — Blessings

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