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What is Soulance?

A cousin of yoga, meditation, interpretive dance, and self reflection while exploring your sensuality. Sounds complicated? I promise it’s not.

Just give it a try. It will improve your mood, CONQUER your stress, build your esteem, promote healthy habits and overall GIVE YOU ‘THE GLOW.’ To get started and learn the basics of SOULANCE, subscribe to my YouTube channel and stop by this blog from time to time!

I see you glowing already!!

Very Truly Yours,

– @Soulance.gina ♥

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@Soulance.gina is a woman that loves to bring out the best in others. She conquers anxiety daily and wants you to have the power to do the same, NATURALLY. You don’t have to be rich to experience the fullness of life, you just have to be WILLING to explore the fullness of SELF. Life is a journey of many small steps and she’s cheering you on step-by-step, so that YOU can achieve your own INNER GLOW. #soulanceglow

◊ Gina holds a BS.Ed in Exercise Science, M.Ed in Community Health Promotion and is a Certified Personal Trainer.◊

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