Mantra #1…

Close your eyes.

inhale deeply through your nose and out through your mouth.

Say to yourself:
“I am patient. But most of all I am patient with myself.”



Until Next Time… Keep Glowing!
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Very Truly Yours,

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Good Day Stars!!!


I hope you are doing well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Lately, I have found myself feeling “busy.” I look at the word busy as a concept that only exists if you allow it to. Most often it is used as an excuse to avoid things. Being “busy” is a mindset and I have been feeling it lately. Sure, being an adult requires being responsible for many things all at once but it doesn’t mean that you have to surrender your happiness to busyness.

If you are feeling busy today, I challenge you to write this mantra on the nearest piece of paper as you say this word aloud:


Now let’s get things done and feel good about it! Resist the urge to procrastinate and just get things done, BUT don’t be too busy to take some time for yourself today.



Until Next Time… Keep Glowing!

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Sending positve vibes your way!



Very Truly Yours,

– @soulance.gina

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Do you Love your Body?

Good Day Stars!

As a trainer, people often ask me how to get a flat stomach, hips like Beyonce’ and a butt like Jennifer Lopez (let’s clear this up = IMPOSSIBLE unless you have the $$$ & the ideal surgeon, only then you may get somewhat close). There are so many women that strongly desire to have a sized 2-6 hourglass body with a moderately sized round butt with “high-set” perky boobs. Some are literally spending their entire savings and hard earned income to pay for surgeries to try to achieve these looks. Please note: I am not against anyone who chooses this. But have you ever asked yourself WHY so many women go after body-types and certain trendy beauty aesthetics at the expense of their health?

Maybe you know the most obvious answers and the most obvious culprit: Media.

Social media has only amplified the obsession. The current fastest way to fame (and fortune) for a woman is to post highly made-up and sexualized images on Instagram. Women can literally become famous and have brands contact them for sponsorship.

It was once the trend to get rid of your hips and butt, but today’s trends are the exact opposite! The more hips and butt, the better!

What would happen if every woman decided to accept their body? I mean truly accept it? Not drooling after another woman’s features (I’m sure everyone has an insecurity or two but that shouldn’t stop self-love). The fact is: every body is different and that is a beautiful thing, more people just need to be willing to accept it.

Love Yourself.

Take Care of Your Body.

Embrace your Uniqueness.


Until Next Time…… Keep Glowing!
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Very Truly Yours,

– @soulance.gina


What are your thoughts on this topic? Leave a comment and let’s chat! 🙂

Introducing Mantra Mondays!

Hi Stars!

With yoga and meditation practices becoming more popular around the world, terms such as mantra may or may not be new to you. In this post, I would like to simplify the definition of mantra.

“A tool of the mind that has a spiritual effect on a person’s will or emotional state of being.”

Mantra: (Noun) a word, statement or sound repeated in meditation or daily life; Positive self-talk; an intention. It is something that you strive to become.

The main idea is that truth with intention has power (because it does!). When you speak something that is true, it helps you bring that truth into reality. Many self-help books and coaches will suggest the repetition of mantras. For example, an anxious person might repeat something like “I am calm and at peace.” By repeating this statement, the mind convinces itself to accept the idea, which leads to change.

There are different types of mantras. Every mantra initiates a certain type of energy. Once you start using mantras, they will become a part of your daily life and will set a certain ambiance/tone for you. Note: A mantra can be religious, but it is not specific to any one religion.

Other notes about Mantras:
-The literal Chinese translation of the word mantra is “true words.”
-Originally from Hinduism and Buddhism.
-Has roots in Sanskrit (ancient, mathematical, and sacred language).

Overall, the mantra is intended to bring you back to simplicity. We live in a complex world where it’s easy to get lost in busyness. Mantras help you focus on the simple things that inspire you and truly make you happy.

Mantras are medicine for the soul

{Hence, an important concept of SOULance}.


Until Next Time… Keep Glowing!
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Very Truly Yours,
– @Soulance.Gina


This Will Make You Successful!

Happy Fit Friday Stars!!!

Can you believe that a New Year will be upon us very soon!?

You know what that means:

Time for New Years resolutions!!! ♥

I believe that although goals can be set at any time, it can be a very good idea to track your progress annually and do an overall “self-check” at the start of every new year. I just completed my success sheet for 2017 and I am so PUMPED about it! Writing down my goals just gave me a boost of energy and such an amazingly positive feeling! I want you to be prepared and excited about the new year as well, so GUESS WHAT?

I’m sharing some of my goals with you all and I’ve attached the success sheet that I created so that you all can use it too! 🙂 Click the link below to check it out.


Let me know what you think and what you have planned for the New Year!


Keep Glowing! #GlowDaily #SoulanceGlow

Very Truly Yours,



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Forget how you feel!

Hi Stars!

Yesterday, while I was cooking and meal prepping 6 different dishes last night – I thought to myself “Ugh, I don’t feel like cooking!” I kept chopping peppers and onions thinking about how good it would feel to sit on the couch and do nothing. Then this thought popped into my head:

If you wait until you “feel like it” to get working towards your goals, you will never reach the finish line.

I then turned on my favorite Pandora station and got my meal prep on!

Tell me, what have you been pushing off?

Remember that no one else can work towards your goals, except you!

#KeepGlowing #GlowDaily #SoulanceGlow

Very Truly Yours,
– @soulance.gina

Percolate… People.

via Daily Prompt: Percolate

Hello Stars!

Today I am taking a stab at the daily prompt word: percolate (a cool way to say something is being filtered).

This blog will always be about Fitness and Wellness, with a large side of motivation. With that said….

Let’s Percolate!

When I think about clients, family and friends (which includes you all, my WordPress Family!). I instantly think about what I can do to be a cheerleader to you all along this journey towards life. We all have different backgrounds and different challenges in life – but joy and success can be achieved by all of us. You just have to be willing to percolate different choices and people before you allow them into your personal space. Not every person you meet is deserving of your time or heart. Not every “opportunity” or option is the right one for you. You want to be rich and famous because you see actors do it? Maybe it’s not best for you. You want to be married to a tall bearded man? Maybe life has an amazing short man waiting for you. You want to be a doctor to make your parents proud? But maybe a position as a writer will be most fulfilling. Maybe that friend that you are no longer friends with – was meant to be temporary.


You are the keeper of your soul and body. What things do you need to filter from your life?


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Very Truly Yours,


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What defines who you are?

Hello Stars!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and maybe even had a chance to hit the gym or fit some form of cardio into your weekend fun! Cleaning was my cardio this past weekend!

So yesterday, my best friend had a dedication ceremony for her 8-month old daughter that I didn’t attend. Why, you ask? I simply forgot. And it hurt me. Badly. This friend means a lot to me and the moment that I realized what I had done – I felt worthless. I felt unworthy of friendship. I felt like a failure as friend.  I couldn’t help but think: what have I been so busy with that I missed this important moment for her, her husband and their baby (her only child)? I was literally at home doing nothing waiting for my clothes to dry. The feeling of not being there to support the person that is always the first person in line to support me – I suddenly felt like I needed to re-examine my focus and to check myself. This may seem minor but this was huge to me.

I found myself taking a long hard look at myself.

These thoughts led to some deep self-reflection. I began to ponder questions such as: Am I selfish? Was this a genuine mistake, or a result of my current mindset? Am I the type of person that is too blinded by own life to be fully present in the lives of those closest to me? I eventually came full circle, accepted what I did, apologized and stopped shaming myself.

Yes, I should have been there but, that one event does not define our friendship.

It does not define me.

My character defines me. My love for others defines who I am. My determination and creativity defines me. My inability to give up defines me.

It’s your turn, in the comments, tell us what defines who YOU are?



Very Truly Yours,

– @soulance.gina

The Little Princess Meeting President Obama Last Month

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Dear Stars,

Thank you so much for the support so far and I hope you will continue to take the Soulance Wellness journey with me.

The post today will be a personal one… ♥

I am a newlywed. Not only does this mean I have an AWESOME husband, but I also have gained awesome “step-kids” (though I’m not a fan of that word because I treat them as I would my own) and some cool in-laws. Also, I don’t think it matters at all but I am in an interracial marriage. The only reason I even mentioned aloud that my marriage is “interracial,” is because getting to know my in-laws has been a very colorful and dynamic process (and it’s ongoing). My Mother/Father in-law are immigrants to the USA and English is their second language. They were born and raised in Cambodia. My husband was raised speaking the Khmer language and also Buddhist. His family is rich in culture and cultural practices – all of which are completely new and foreign to me. I was raised 100% Christian American speaking only English. Talking with my new parents is not easy, as I don’t know any Khmer and their English is far from perfect. Nonetheless, we are still building our relationship and our actions towards each other actually speak way more that our words ever could.

Why am I (a very private person) telling you all of this?


We are all raised in different ways. There are many languages and religions, but one tiny thing is universal:


Family can be blood related, your spouse and in-laws, or ANYONE you want it to be! I consider my best friends my family. That’s the beauty of family. It doesn’t matter where you are from, your color or what religion you practice, love is an universal language. Anyone can feel the richness of love and family, if you give yourself the freedom to love yourself and be open to the love of others.

Give it a try.

I never said that love or family will be perfect, but that is why LOVE is a daily choice.

I choose to love – What about you?

Very Truly Yours,



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