Wellness Wednesday: What is Meditation?

The concept of meditation is 1 of 2 major components that define Soulance™. As you all take the Soulance journey with me, I hope to show you how easy it is to incorporate into your daily life to achieve balance and harmony.

Meditation is the first step of every Soulance Sequence.

Meditation in its simplest form is a state of awareness. Meditation is being present with your inner-self, with a clear mind and focus. When you meditate, your mind is at rest but you are in a state of consciousness.

There is no magical potion to drink or certain ritual to perform to meditate. It is not about your religion. Anyone can learn to meditate. Candles are nice and certain poses are nice, but not necessary.



Meditation promotes relaxation.

Meditation promotes a sense of well-being in any situation.

Meditation clears the “soul” of negative energy.

Meditation builds positive internal energy.

Meditation increases your mental strength & resiliency (the ability to handle situations) over time.

Meditation leads to self-development, self-love and growth.

Meditation is rejuvenating.

Meditation is simple.

If you have never tried meditation before, I urge you to try the sequence below and all you need is a timer.

Go to a place where you feel safe, or stay where you are.
Seat yourself comfortably and upright, in a chair or on the floor.
Inhale deeply for 5 seconds and exhale for 3 seconds.
Set the timer for 2 minutes.
Maintaining stillness, focus on your breath and lungs only as you breath deeply.
Stop any thoughts about stress or tasks, let them float away.
Be present.

I see you glowing already! #SoulanceGlow


Very Truly Yours & Until Next Time,
– @soulance.gina

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39 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday: What is Meditation?

    1. I began intentionally meditating about 2years ago, but honestly was doing it before then and simply not labeling it as “meditation.” I will say it took me about 1 year to really appreciate the change because I was not consistent and didn’t fully understand the different methods at that time. Now, I cannot imagine a peaceful life without it and truly feel I am glowing like never before 😇🙂

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      1. This varies by the day and season of my life. I recently was promoted at work and now have more people to care for so honestly I am still adjusting to recent changes. The only time I have now is on Saturday morning for about 30min and short meditation for about 5-15 minutes most weekdays after work.


  1. Great read! I’ve just begun my journey with meditation and I wrote about my recent experience on my blog, there are a couple of questions that I have that you might be able to help me with 🙂 feel free to drop by when you are able to. xx

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